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boards and leadership teams


• “Thank you for your time and guidance”

• “I have learnt so much from you and have received praise from the Board”

• “Your work is having a fantastic impact on my interactions with others and my confidence has increased significantly”

• “You have given me confidence about a number of things I am endeavouring to do”

• “Talking with you sorted out a lot of things that have been circulating in my mind recently”

• “I really appreciate how you make the way forward so clear and logical”

• “Our meeting yesterday has already lifted my spirits”

• “I have really enjoyed our sessions and, not only that, they have been successful – I got the job!”

• “You have helped us rethink our agenda”

• “Thank you for an awesome workshop with our emerging leaders cohort”

• “Amazing, practical, pure gold”

• “Practical and insightful and will make a difference for me”

• “The workshop was fantastic in so many ways. Thank you as always.  The team loved it”

• “The workshop is continuing to help me more than I could have hoped”

• “This was the best facilitation I have seen in a long time. You are brilliant at what you do”

• “Thanks for the great workshop and wonderful insights”

• “I am particularly pleased and impressed with the way members of the leadership team are performing since working with you”

• “Thank you for our one to one session”

• “I appreciate the conversation we had. It was great to have somebody to share things with”

• “I finished the planning workshop highly motivated”

• “I’ve had extremely positive feedback from staff at the workshop”

• “Knowing we have your support adds even greater strength”

• “Your contribution to the leadership team has been outstanding”

• “The workshop was very positively received and there is now a good level of teacher interest in follow-up”

•  “The feedback from staff and students was equally positive”

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