one size doesn’t fit all

There are many mismatches in learning and teaching styles.

All of us (teachers and students) have one of four learning styles that we prefer.


Unfortunately, teachers in the classroom can tend to unconsciously (and indeed naturally) apply their own learning style.  Inevitably, mismatches will occur.

The ideal way to address these mismatches is to become very aware of our own learning style – as a student or as a teacher.


As a parent of a student who may be experiencing problems at school, it is important to be able to identify your child’s learning style.  Communicating your concerns to teachers then becomes both easier and more effective, with the language of learning style as a background to resolving issues and enhancing learning outcomes.


For schools, the knowledge of learning styles and motivations for teachers, administrators and leadership teams can be used to improve personalised learning for students and to help integrate the many changes which are a constant part of school systems.

We feel a strong commitment to all stakeholders in schools and learning.

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